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Please feel free to leave condolences, anecdotes, tall tales or musings to honor Kirk at the bottom of this blog post. Scroll down to “Leave a reply.”

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11 thoughts on “Leave Condolences

  1. My condolences to friends and family. RIP Kirk. Remembering many great musical times hanging out in the barn with yak butter and at rolls recording.


  2. My thoughts and prayers go out to all Kirk’s friends and family over his passing. He will be truly missed. He was a good friend and loved to hang out with him, weather it was playing golf or having a drink. R.I.P


  3. My condolences Kirk’s family and friends. I will miss talking about our kids, your friendliness, and calm demeanor. Rest in peace my friend.


  4. I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing Kirk very long, but worked a good amount of gigs with him and shared plenty of laughs and great conversations. He was a real audio wizard and taught me a lot. Will miss you buddy.


  5. I remember you finding a nearly full bottle of Jordan Cabernet in a deserted back hallway of the Farimont after a Little River Band gig for Australian Tour Guides in ’92 – it was like you won the lottery! We savored that together and connected on family, work, politics. I will never forget you Kirk – blessings on your transition and love to your family. Mark Daly


  6. I once told a friend… there is not another human on this planet that I have traveled to more cities in this country with than Kirk Schriel! We worked, we discovered, we talked endlessly, we had adventures. He was easy, loving, curious, kind and my friend! One of a kind! May your soul continue to surround us with your warmth from time to time and you find peace❤️


  7. Aw Kirky, this sucks. You were one of my faves, a great friend. I still can’t belive i wont see your happy face at sign in. You were a glimmer of light on many shows, i always knew there was a laugh to be had, no matter how rough the work ended up bieng that day.
    Your beautiful soul always shone through. And you knew how to not take life too seriously. I will miss you deeply my friend, and will think of you often.
    The next time i am having a rough day at work, i will think to myself “what would Kirky do?” And i will smile.


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